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Experience Thailand's breathtaking outdoors with the ultimate road trip on wheels!

Discover Thailand's breathtaking natural landscapes and thrilling adventures with the ultimate road trip adventure on wheels. Experience total freedom, comfort, and style with a campervan or RV - the perfect solution for remote locations where finding a place to stay or cook is a challenge.

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24/7 quick assistance for your campervan and RV rental needs.

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Enjoy budget-friendly campervan rentals with our affordable rates.

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Experience personalized and friendly service when renting with us.

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Unforgettable adventures await with our campervan rentals.

Camping RV Rentals

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Camping RV Rentals

Equipment Rental

Equip yourself for the ultimate road trip adventure with our campervan rentals
Electric Generator
Power up your outdoor adventure with an electric generator.
Sing your heart out and make memories with a karaoke machine.
Video Projector
Bring the cinema to the great outdoors with a video projector.
Electric Bicycle
Take a scenic ride on an electric bicycle.
A foldable easy set up tent for outdoor shower or toilet
A Solar fan and power bank so you will don’t need to worry about electric in the hot days
Gas Stove
Compact gas stove for convenient outdoor cooking.
Firecamp Grill
Portable grill for perfect campfire barbecues.
Gas Grill
Grill up a feast on a gas grill for the perfect camping experience.
Keep your drinks and snacks cold with a cooler.
Foldable Table Set
฿200/day A foldable table with 2 benches in a normal size for up to 4 people
Foldable Kitchen
Easy and comfortable set up for cooking outdoors
Foldable Hammock
Lightweight hammock for relaxing anywhere.
Foldable Chair
Comfortable chair that folds for easy transport.
Foldable Sofa
Cozy foldable sofa for ultimate campsite comfort.
Personal Driver
Sit back, relax, and let our personal driver take you on an unforgettable road trip.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who meets the minimum age of 25 years and holds an international driving license can rent a campervan.

The rental period varies by location and provider, but it typically ranges from one day to several weeks or even months.

International travel is not permitted.

The rental rate includes the campervan, basic insurance and some basic equipment. Additional fees may apply for extra services and/or equipment.

You will be provided a full tank of fuel when renting the campervan. However, you are required to return the campervan with the same amount of fuel as it had when collected.

Yes, you are required to pay a ฿5000 deposit when collecting the vehicle. This will be refunded when returning the campervan, pending any services or additional charges.

Yes, our campervan comes equipped with First Aid kits and emergency equipment

Contact the rental provider immediately for assistance.

Report the accident to the rental provider immediately.

Yes, contact us for more information.

Yes, we can provide a driver for you. Contact us for more information.

There is no cooking facility in the campervan to prevent accidents, smells, and dirt. There is a fridge, sink and microwave in the campervan and you can rent or bring your own cooking equipment for outdoor cooking only.

Yes. There are quite a few national parks in Thailand that allow camping overnight. They are actually the best places to go to if you have a campervan.